Suggesting a title

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Suggesting a title

Post  Admin on Mon Nov 14, 2011 11:54 am

To suggest a title, the best way is to look in general at the way titles are set out, and then to press Titles, Suggest titles, from your My Helium page. If you are suggesting this for you to write to remember to tick the box at the end of the suggestion page. You will be asked for key words. Keywords are little phrases, rather than words, separated by commas.

Example: Movie reviews Skywalker, Skywalker movie

When you have suggested your title, you will have to wait for a message of acceptance or rejection. When the message arrives, and your title is accepted, look in the Personal Assignment area on your page, as your title should appear here.

If rejected, do contact the New Member Guide who will be able to help you with the style and format of your title so it won't be rejected next time. New Member Guide


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