How to approach writing an article.

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How to approach writing an article.

Post  Admin on Sun Nov 13, 2011 8:05 pm

Think about what you know and what your interests are. For example, if you enjoy cooking, could you write out a really good article giving advice to other cooks? If you have children, what advice could you write from your own personal experience? The idea is to find topics which interest you, to think about your approach and to produce a good:

Beginning - To tempt the reader.
Middle - To set out all the details of the article.
End - To conclude the article and make it a satisfactory reading experience.

You need to think in terms of using your experience but not writing in First person. That means avoiding words such as I, me, my, our and we unless these are used as qualifiers. Internet articles shouldn't be about you, but should use your experience to give the reader answers to their Internet searches.

To start out, find a title, then think about what you will include and make a short listing. Work out the order. Write an introduction which addresses the title. Use subheadings to split up different areas of the article. Use short sentences and reasonably short paragraphs.

You will need to back up what you say when you research topics, so be prepared and keep links to any website that you accessed. These will come in handy, and will be explained in the links section of this forum.


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