How and why links are used in articles

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How and why links are used in articles

Post  Admin on Sun Nov 13, 2011 8:09 pm

Even if you write an article from your own personal experience, it is important to note that links strengthen an article. These should be embedded into the article. For those who are not technically minded, what this means is that you highlight a word within the text where a link is appropriate, and press the link button in the toolbar. This produces a pop up box, into which you paste the URL. If the pop up box does not appear, chances are you have a pop up stopper. Highlight the word, press Ctrl on your keyboard, and then press the links button.

Links provide the reader with alternative reading which backs up what you are saying. If Joe Bloggs writes about why your doctor has given you a certain medicine, it doesn't seem convincing. If Joe Bloggs checks his information is correct with a medical website, and then adds a link to that website, such as the Mayo Clinic, then this adds weight to their article and it will be more trusted by readers.


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